I'm 110% entrepreneur, 100% fitness enthusiast
I’m also the lucky founder of Rollerblade®, Rowbike™, other fitness innovations.
I'm passionate about creating new products that excite and inspire people to get moving, get fit, and get healthy while staying motivated and exhilarated!

About Scott Olson

About Scott Olson

Scott Olson is a lifelong athlete and fitness entrepreneur. His inventions, including Rollerblades, Rowbike, and Kong Pong, are enjoyed by fitness enthusiasts around the world. His fitness products are designed to create a new, healthy way of life that focuses on full-body fitness.

Known as fitness-in-motion (FIM) products, Scott's fitness products exercise major muscle groups while propelling both machine and rider. FIMs provide a more effective and satisfying workout than stationary fitness products because they provide the exhilarating sensations of speed and motion. Scott believes an exhilarating workout is a key component of a truly successful, long-term fitness program.

Scott's personal fitness program is dynamic and intense. In the average week, he runs 25 miles, completes 500 pull-ups, swims 10 miles, and cross-country skis when the snow falls. He also incorporates his own products into his workout to achieve his fitness goals. From his years of training experience, he has developed a wealth of health and fitness tips that he shares with anyone hoping to improve their health through exercise.

When Scott isn't focusing on fitness he dreams up unique products such as the life-size plastic penguins of Penguin Country and the Lunar Bed—a stargazers delight.

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Scott Olson


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